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Hazrat Syed Nurul Bakhtiyar Shah(R.)is a magnificent omniscient dervish who saw all the three ages – past, present and future. He is blessed with the kindness and compassion of Gausul Azam and Baba Bhandari as well as sacred companionship of Shahanshah Maizbhandari. He gave meaning to his own life by reflecting the holy words of Khademul Fokarah –“He who devotes himself in the service of spreading the philosophy of Gausul Azam Maizbhandari will be regarded as the companion of Gausul Azam”.

.He uttered,”Promoting Maizbhandari philosophy is the lifelong pursuit of mine”.He has been coronated as the spiritual son in the holy kingdom of Maizbhandari philosophy after his success in that pursuit. Shahanshah Babajaan commented, “Maizbhandar is an infinite ocean; Don’t think it trifling.”As per the true essence of that saying, Hazrat Syed Nurul Bakhtiyar Shah (R.)is the lighthouse of that ocean. He is the fountain of merciful Baba Bhandari which is overflowing compassion and mercy for us all.

His sacred burial ground is a pilgrimage for people irrespective of belief and faith. For the sake of piety, devotees come here to purify their souls. When one begs with profound reverence, belief and trust, then kindness, benevolence, blessing, peace, prosperity, wisdom, intelligence, fame and reputation are showered upon overwhelmingly. In the blessed garden of this darbar ,people from all walks of life congregate in the hope of longevity, honest income, self-dependence and reward in return of servitude offered by themselves.

Bakhtapur Bhandar Sharif

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Syed Bari Village: Bakhtapur  P/0 : Azadi Bazar Postal code:4350 Upazila: Fatikchhari
Zila: Chattogram


+880 1998 382795



at caritas auditorium, chattogram

13th January,2016

President: Mr. Mazharul Haque Chowdhury, Former MP & VP of cucsu

Discussants: Prof. Dr. Manjur Morshed Mahmud , Accounting, University of Chattogram

Dr. Salim Jahangir , Researcher & Author

Article Writer : Badrunnesa Saju, Head of Dept. of Zoology, Women’s University College, Chattogram


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